About Us

Clarian Place Child Care & Learning Center in Carlstadt thrives on its commitment to prepare young children for life-long learning in a safe, nurturing environment. We are dedicated to providing a fun, educational place where through practical, progressive activities young children can learn and grow.

Our educational plans are designed with themes and teaching materials that help our teachers provide the skills children need for success when they enter school; however, they are flexible enough to meet each child’s unique needs and personality.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to working together with parents to help their children become self-assured, inquisitive learners.

Curriculum Goals and Objectives

Our students learn about themselves and others. They learn to trust known, caring adults; they learn to regulate their own behavior; they learn to manage their own feelings; they learn to respond to others’ feelings with growing empathy; they learn to play with other children; they learn to be a member of a group; and they learn to use personal care skills.

Our students learn about communicating. They develop receptive language; they develop expressive language; they learn to participate in conversations; they enjoy books and being read to; they show an awareness of pictures and paint; and they experiment with drawing and writing.

Our students learn about the world.  They learn to sustain attention; they are taught and understand how objects can be used; they begin an understanding of cause and effect; they being to understand that things can be grouped; they begin to use problem-solving strategies; and they engage in pretend play.

Our students learn about moving; we demonstrate basic gross motor skills; we demonstrate basic fine motor skills.

We believe that we can best meet the needs of our children by fostering an environment that recognizes each child as an individual, fully appreciates the importance of play and takes every opportunity to enhance development. We believe children need a constant sense of safety and security when they’re away from parents. We believe in providing it.
Clarian Place Child Care & LC is committed to serving as the Parent’s Partner in providing high quality child care and child development programs. We believe we can best meet the needs of our parents by providing consistent and caring professional services for the children entrusted to us. We believe parents need a constant sense of security and growth for their children. We believe in providing it.
We believe that the satisfaction of our Directors and Staff is critical. We believe in encouraging innovation, fairness and teamwork. We believe our Directors and Staff should not serve “customers,” but serve children and their families. We do.
We believe in respecting the dignity of every child, parent, Director and Staff with whom we work. We believe we can play an active part in making this world a better place by being totally dedicated to excellence in the important work we do.
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